Xinyuan Zhao

Associate Professor,

Phone: (+86)10-67391195

Address: Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing, Beijing University of Technology, 100 Pingleyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100124, P. R. China

Working experience

2014-pressent, Associate Professor, Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing, Beijing University of Technology

2010-2014, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Beijing University of Technology


Ph.D. (2009), Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore, Advisor: Prof. Toh Kim Chuan, Co-advisor: Prof. Defeng Sun

M.Sc. (2002), Department of Computational Mathematics,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

B.Sc.(1999),Department of Computational Mathematics,Nanjing Universityof Aeronautics and Astronautics

Research Interests

Matrix Optimization: algorithms, applications, and theory, especially the large scale semidefinite programming.

Optimization and Data Visualization.

Research Papers

wX.Y. Zhao, T. Cai, and D. Xu,A Newton-CG augmented Lagrangianmethod for convex quadraticallyconstrained quadratic semidefiniteprograms,Proceedings in Mathematicals& Statistics,2015,95:337-345.

wX.Y.Zhao and K.C.Toh,Infeasible potential reduction algorithms for semidefiniteprogramming,Pacific Journal of Optimization,2012,8: 725-753.

wC.C. Wu, D. C. Xu, and X.Y. Zhao,An improved approximation algorithm for the 2-catalog segmentation problem using semidefinite programming relaxation, Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization,2012,8:117-126.

wX. Wang, D. C. Xu, and X.Y. Zhao, A primal-dual approximation algorithm for the stochastic facility location problem with service installation costs, Frontiers of Mathematics in China, 2011, 6(5): 957-964.

wX.Y. Zhao, D.F. Sun, and K.C. Toh, A Newton-CG augmented Lagrangian method for semidefinite programming, SIAM J. Optimization, 2010, 20:1737-1765.Matlab software SDPNAL.

Research Projects

Development Program for theInternationalization of Youth Mentors of Beijing University of Technology, 2014-2016

National Natural Science Foundation for Young Scholars of China (No.11101016), 2012-2014.

Doctor Startup Fund of Beijing University of Technology, 2011

Professional Activities

[2014-present] Member, Youth Director of Mathematical Programming Branch of OR Society of China

[2012-present]Member, Director ofBeijing Operations Research Society