Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) has recently opened the Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing, in short: BISEC. The institute shall establish this field, both nationally and internationally visible. It will be devoted to important problems with practical relevance arising from engineering, environmental or societal challenges. It shall build bridges to connect mathematics and engineering by investigating and developing mathematical theories in connection with computational methods and developing associated software. Moreover, it shall contribute to the education and training of scientific staff in its research directions.

Main tasks of BISEC are: (a) to develop applied and computational mathematics and conduct scientific research therein, (b) to serve Beijing’s needs with respect to urban traffic and logistics, atmospheric environment, aerospace, bio-medicine, new materials, and other possible key areas, (c) to promote the development of related industries in Beijing thus making a positive contribution to an innovation-driven development of Beijing, and (d) to train scientific staff in these directions.

At present, Peter Deuflhard as founding director of BISEC acts as the director. He had formerly founded Zuse Institute in Berlin (ZIB), which may be understood as a role model for BISEC. BJUT is now seeking a permanent Director. The Director will be in charge of the scientific research and administration of BISEC. The candidate will be recruited from open international applications, and is to be appointed and dismissed by BJUT. The candidate should be Chinese and exhibit proven internationally visible competence in the general field of SEC with good English language skills. The expected salary will depend on the achievements of the candidate and be competitive on a national and  international level. As soon as a suitable candidate has been found, he will replace the founding director in his role.

Professional enquiries can be obtained from the founding director ( or any scientific member of the present Board of Directors. For details see the webpage of the institute: Applications should be sent to