Software Engineer Position

Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing (BISEC) is a newly established research institution by the Beijing municipal government; see BISEC locates inside the Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). BJUT is one of the 100 key universities for the 21st century and a member university of the 211 project. According to the demands of economic and social development of Beijing and across China, BISEC focuses on the important problems on various fields, such as scientific and engineering computing, information, biology, and medical science. BISEC collaborates with the advantage disciplines of BJUT and promote interdisciplinary research on scientific and engineering computations. Besides, BISEC undertakes the scientific research and social service to promote related economic and social development of the capital city.

BISEC now invites applications for software developing positions in computational mathematics, high-performance computing, computational fluid mechanics, dynamics of solid-fluid interaction, vibration of aero engine, nonlinear vibration, discrete optimization, virtual medicine, visualization, and biometric.

1. Requirements

Potential candidates should satisfy the following conditions:

(1)Possess a PhD degree in computational mathematics or related fields and have a strong interest in one of the above research areas;

(2)Have strong programming abilities

(3)Communicate well in both spoken and written English.

2. Benefits

(1)The annual salary depends on the applicant’s qualification and experience. For excellent candidates, the annual salary is as high as RMB 300,000 (before tax).

(2)The institute can provide opportunities for studying abroad (USA, Europe) based on the performance and research interests of the employees;

3. How to apply

Application materials include but not limited to: Curriculum Vitae and at least two reference letters. Please email the application materials