Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing Opening Ceremony and Inaugural Workshop-Part1

9:00-12:00 Monday, July18, 2016


3D Visualization LabM844, BISEC, 8th Floor, Research Building M, BJUT

9:00 Section1


Zuoren Nie, VP President of BJUT, Hosts the Opening Ceremony


Gonghui Liu, President of BJUT, Delivers a Speech

北京科学与工程计算研究院创始院长Peter Deuflhard教授发言

Peter Deuflhard, Founding Director of BISEC, Gives a Short Talk

Tea Break

1000 Section 2

Inaugural Workshop-part1

Scientific Talks (15-20 mins for each scientist)

Chair Man: Zhongzhan Zhang, Vice Director of BISEC


Prof. Jinchao Xu                                         Mathematics of Large Scale Computations

Prof. Hans-Christian Hege      Scientific Visualization for Knowledge Discovery and Planning
                                                                                        (3D presentation)

Prof. Gabriel Wittum       Parallel Adaptive Numerical Modeling in Science and Technology

Prof. Rolf Möhring                                     Optimization of Transportation Systems

Prof. Joachim Heinze        The Unchanged Changing world of Mathematical Publishing

12:00 Lunch Time

14:30 Section 3


Zuoren Nie, Vice President of BJUT, Hosts the Unveiling nameplate Ceremony


Mingfei Zuo, Vice Director of Office Organizational Structure Committee of Beijing Municipality,

Reads Out the Agreement of Establishing Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing

北京工业大学柳贡慧校长向Peter Deuflhard教授颁发北京科学与工程计算研究院院长聘书

Gonghui Liu, President of BJUT, Awards Letter of Appointment of BISEC Director to Peter Deuflhard

市委组织部李世新副部长向Peter Deuflhard教授颁发北京市战略科学家证书

Shixin Li, Vice-Minister of Beijing Municipal Committee Organization Department,

Awards Strategic Scientist Certificate to Peter Deuflhard


Unveiling of the Nameplate