Computation of Fluid & Solid Coupling Dynamics Summer School

Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing now plan to hold the 2014 summer school of ‘‘Computation of Fluid & Solid Coupling Dynamics’’. Many experts of this field from both home and abroad will be invited by BI-SEC to give introduction of frontier research results, here the notice is as follows,

Time Arrangement

Check in on July 12th 2014.

Summer school from July 13th to the 17th; Conferences are from July 18th to the 19th.

Potential Applicants

Graduate students, young teachers, scientific research personnel and outstanding senior undergraduate students majored in Computing Mathematics, Fluid and Solid Coupling Dynamics or of other relevant majors from universities and scientific research institutes.

Enrollment Number

50 formal students.

Treatment to Students

BISEC will provide food and accommodation to those students who are examined and admitted, and other necessary conditions to assist learning like teaching summaries, internet and self-study rooms, etc.

Curriculum Arrangement

July 13th to the 14th, Peking University, seminar of numerical solution of partial differential equations;

July 15th to the 17th, Beijing University of Technology, lecture of computational fluid and solid coupling dynamics (morning and afternoon, 3 hours each)

Professor of lecture, Prof. Peter Deuflhard (academician of European Academy of Science, Beijing strategic scientist, former head of ZIB, distinguished professor of Beijing University of Technology, high level foreign expert), and many experts from home and abroad such as Prof. Gernot plank, Prof. Anton Schiela, Prof. Martin Weiser.

July 18th to the 19th, Beijing University of Technology, academic conference of “New Progress of Science and Engineering Computing”.

Notification for Attention

1) students should follow the arrangements for the summer school, and attend classes in time. After the course is over, they must take examinations or be assessed. During the study period, students shall obey the rules and regulations of Beijing University of Technology and the requirements and disciplines of the summer school.

2) during the study period, in case medical expenses occur or accidents occur as a result of personal behaviors, the students and their dispatch agencies shall take the responsibilities.

Application Method

Applicants shall scan the application form as in the next page and send it to before July 3rd 2014.

BISEC will send to those admitted applicants the acceptance notice and the curriculum before July 6th.

Contact: Qiumei Huang   Tel:1366349618