Distinguished Academics Series Lectures was successfully held by BISEC

At 2pm May 23th 2015, a distinguished academics series Lecture was held in the south lecture theater of information building, hosted by Beijing Institute for Scientific and Engineering Computing and assisted by College of Applied Sciences and College of Life Science. By invitation, Professor Avner Friedman (an academician of American Academy of Science) made an excellent report of ‘What is mathematical biology and how useful is it?’. More than 100 teachers and students from BISEC, College of Applied Sciences and College of Life Science listened to the report.

First of all, Professor Zhongzhan Zhang, the executive vice dean of Graduate College, introduced the foundation,purpose and tasks of BISEC, and the meanings and influences of the distinguished academics series lectures held by BISEC. Afterwards, Professor Jinchao Xu, BD member of BISEC, hosted the lecture and introduced the important contributions Professor Avner Friedman brought to the field of Math and Applied Mathematics, and welcomed Professor Avner Friedman come to BISEC for report.

Professor Avner Friedman firstly demonstrated his research experience on aspects like establishment of modelsand its solving method, from years of his scientific research and some typical examples. Afterwards, he made detailed introduction of the foundation, development process of the Research Institute of Math and Life Science of OhioState University, the research team and its scales, and how to conduct researchfor Mathematical Biology in department of mathematics, etc. The teachers andstudents on site raised many questions and responded impressively.

After the lecture, vice president Yijian Jiang and Professor Avner Friedman had in-depth communications. The distinguished academics lectures greatly benefited the teachers and students and also further accelerated BISEC’s progress in international cooperation in research.