Plenary lectures given by Prof. Rolf Moehring in the past two years

2017-06-23 Workshop on Wege, Ebenen und Netzwerke (Path, Planes, and Networks)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,Karlsruhe, Germany

Traffic Optimization and the Beijing Challenge (plenary lecture)

2017-06-16 13th Workshop on Models andAlgorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems (MAPSP 2017) Seeon Abbey,Germany

Online Scheduling of BidirectionalTraffic (plenary lecture)

2017-06-08 Network Conference,Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Network Optimization -Mathematics inTraffic, Transport and Telecommunication (plenary lecture for the public)

2017-06-07 Network Conference,Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Integrated Scheduling and Routing inLogistics and Traffic (plenary lecture)

2017-05-15  Institute ofTransportation Planning, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian
Graph Algorithms for Container Transport with Automated GuidedVehicles (seminar)

2017-05-11 National Center forMathematics and interdisciplinary Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing
Online Scheduling of Bidirectional Traffic (Distinguished lecturer)

2017-03-10 School of Traffic and Transportation, Jiaotong University, Beijing
Online Scheduling of Bidirectional Traffic (seminar)

2017-02-27 International Network Optimization Conference 2017
Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Integrated scheduling and routing in logistics andtraffic (plenary lecture)

2017-01-09 21st Combinatorial Optimization Workshop
CNRS Centre Paul Langevin, Aussois, France
Integrating Scheduling and Routing in Logistics - AReal World Project (plenary lecture)

2016-07-06 28th European Conference on Operational Research
Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland
Optimizing the Kiel Canal: Integrating DynamicNetwork Flows and Scheduling (plenary lecture)
Presented in a movie here:

2015-06-01 Scheduling under Uncertainty
European Institute for Statistics, Probability, Stochastic Operations Research
and their Applications, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Stochastic Scheduling: History and Challenges(plenary lecture)

2015-04-16 Mathematical Optimization in the Process Industry
BASF, Ludwigshafen, Germany
Coping with uncertainty in project scheduling: New developments andapplications (plenary lecture)

2015-03-12: Indo-German Workshop onAlgorithms
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata,India
Coping with uncertainty in project scheduling: Newdevelopments and applications (plenary lecture)