Modeling and Numerical Studies For Fluid-Structure Interactions

Speaker: Sun Pengtao, Associate Professor, College of Mathematics and Information Science, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Campus

Title: Modeling and Numerical Studies For Fluid-Structure Interactions

Date&Time: Dec.26th, 2014, 3pm-5pm

Location: Yulan Hall, Jianguo Hotel

Abstract:In this talk, I will present our recent study on a dynamic fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problem involving with a rotational and elastic structure by using the arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) method for fluid model in Eulerian description and the St.Venant-Kirchhoff structural model in Lagrangian description, and design its monolithic mixed finite element approximation. In addition, our studies on fictitious domain method and full Eulerian phase field method for FSI problems will be also introduced. In particular, in terms of ALE method, we developed a nonlinear rotational and deformable structural model for FSI for the first time. The technique of master-slave relations is employed to realize the interfacial kinematic condition on the interface of fluid and structure. Velocity is adopted as the principle unknown to reformulate the structural model. Our algorithm can also handle a large and irregular fluid flow channel in which the rotational structure is immersed with ALE method. We use Newton’s method to linearize, and Galerkin/least-square (GLS) and streamline-upwind/Petrov-Galerkin (SUPG) schemes to stabilize the mixed finite element discretization of fluid equations with ALE approach. Numerical experiments are successfully carried out for a simplified turbine in 2D and a realistic turbine in 3D which is deforming as well as spinning around its rotation of axis cases due to the fluid impact.

About the speaker:

Professor Sun Pengtao now teaches in Mathematics Department of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Professor Sun obtained his doctorate at Mathematics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, graduate and undergraduate degrees at Shandong University. Before 2007 when he went to teach in University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Professor Sun made scientific research as post-doctoral, researcher and lecturer respectively in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, The Pennsylvania State University, and Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

The main research fields Professor Sun works in are numerical solutions for partial differential equations, fast solver, numerical analysis, application of scientific and engineering computing in solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, fluid structural interaction and fuel cell dynamics, etc. Since 2009, Professor Sun's research has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation of the United States.

In current stage, Professor Sun's research subjects are mainly focused on modeling and numerical studies of fluid and structural interactions, modeling and high efficiency numerical methods for fuel cell dynamics, solar cell dynamics, lithium batteries and other types of clean energy technologies. He is also devoted to the study of anisotropic and isotropic adaptive finite element methods, domain decomposition methods and phase field modeling and study of numerical methods. Professor Sun has also been involved in several projects including the study of the celestial black hole binary star system, fuel cell dynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, thin film flow, Navier-Stokes-Darcy coupling flow, and reservoir modeling, etc.